Heart of Mary in my life

“Heart of Mary in my life”

In the first three stages of my religious life – Post-ulancy, Novitiate and Philosophate – I had formators who strongly in?uenced me by the contagion of their joyful and intense living of cordimarian sonship. For me, these were also stages of a euphoric living of cordimarian spirituality which was positive for my vocation, although without a clear doctrinal grounding.

The disappearance of my first formators, for various reasons, seemed to coincide with the Congregational current of adopting the name “Claretians,” which in some way, I believe, created a certain amount of confusion (at least it had that effect on me, temporarily). It was then that I entered into a doctrinal search concerning our charism. For me, as far as living goes, “cordimarian” had a dimension distinct from the “Marian,” but I could not see that this was very well-embodied in our documents. I found clarification for living my cordimarian spirituality.

In a simplified and practical application for my own life and for my orientation to others, when questions arise on what difference there is between Mary and the Heart of Mary, I use this comparison to clarify the matter: my own mother, besides being a wife, can also be a professor, an actress, a lawyer, etc. Any one of her roles no matter how important is not enough to fully show, or show to me, my mother. I will only achieve this when I have an in-depth knowledge of her person, her inner world, her love… in a word, when I know her “heart.”

For me, “Heart of Mary” signi?es the person, the soul and the spirit of Mary. From within this dimension I contemplate cordimarian sonship and aspire to live it more deeply.




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